Updated: postgresql-7.2-2

Christopher Faylor cgf@redhat.com
Tue Feb 12 10:54:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 01:48:17PM -0500, Jason Tishler wrote:
>On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 07:16:56PM +0100, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Tue, Feb 12, 2002 at 01:10:01PM -0500, Jason Tishler wrote:
>> > Maybe I should just mark postgresql-7.2-2 as "test" and be done with it?
>> Sounds like a good idea.
>I just marked postgresql-7.2-2 as "test" -- hopefully, this is sufficient.
>> Unfortunately I didn't read the whole announcement before accepting
>> it so it's also my fault.
>Thanks for trying to take some of the "blame," but it is really my fault
>for jumping the gun.  I was just trying to circumvent those "Package foo
>was released yesterday, why isn't the Cygwin package ready yet?" posts.

FWIW, I have no problem releasing 1.3.10.  I just need confirmation from
Corinna that it is stable.

Has anyone run the cygwin test suite on a recent Cygwin from CVS?


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