CVS setup.exe doesn't update zlib

Brian Keener
Thu Feb 14 12:03:00 GMT 2002

Michael A Chase wrote:
> I've been using the latest CVS version of setup.exe for a couple weeks now.
> The only real problem I'm seeing is that it won't update zlib.  I thought I
> saw a proposed patch for that go by a while ago, but I don't have it now.
I think I have the patch but it was in Download I thought and I don't think it 
is that it won't update zlib (although you might be seeing a different problem) 
but I think it is not updating whatever is the last package I select for update 
and then only if I am doing an install from local directory - it seems to 
download it and install from the internet just fine - I've been trying to debug 
it but my skills are beginner at best.

The other couple of things I've noticed are cosmetic and personal and 
definitely not show stoppers although I really don't like that if I select the 
Test option that all the packages that don't have a test show up as uninstall 
as opposed to keep.  Also cosmetically speaking I think if I am doing an 
Install from Local directory and the Source file does not exist I should not 
have and option for the Source to be installed.


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