Sun Feb 17 07:06:00 GMT 2002

Ya know - I'd like to see a slightly different (more useful packaging) selected as default for the setup.exe .

Many people come along asking - where can I get a free c++ compiler for windows (or specifically GCC compiler for windows) so natuarlly I refer them to, and then spend the next hour telling them they need to select GCC, Binutils, win32api, mingw32 in addtion to the things selected... should be able to download setup, go next, next next next next, double click cygwin... run gcc, make and have it be able to build both windows apps (-mno-cygwin) and cygwin unix-emulation apps.  supporting as much as is needed for your baseic ./confugre, make is not really neccesary - mostly it's students who use GCC at their school, and would like to work on homework.

If this is not the appropriate place to send this, can someone please forward this?  


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