Brian Keener
Mon Feb 18 20:18:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins wrote:
> I have emailed trying to start a discussion on this at least twice. My
> contention is that this is a factor for setup.ini to take care of, not
> setup.exe. It's easier to add entries than have complex logic for
> removing them when they aren't appropriate.
So what you're saying is just looking at Current vs Previous - if there was no 
setup.ini entry for current and there was only an entry for previous then with 
the default display set to current the selected default action for the 
theoretical package would be uninstall (just as I saw on the Test) - correct?

And in addition if as a maintainer I didn't want this to happen then I should 
make sure I have a prev,curr and test in setup.ini even if they all are the 
same file name.

This bears the question (if my previous assumption is correct) what if my 
setup.ini has a prev, curr, and test file defined but I am doing an "Install 
from Local Directory" and the test version does not exist on my system.  I 
would assume that since I defined a test and even though is does not exist that 
my default action would be keep - true?


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