Ghostscript ready to upload

Charles Wilson
Tue Feb 19 15:22:00 GMT 2002

Dario Alcocer wrote:

> Chris,
> I've *finally* finished testing and packaging Ghostscript.  I've put
> the packages and MD5 files at:
> As soon as I hear back from you that the package has been uploaded,
> I'll send out the announcement.  Thanks, and sorry about taking so
> long to get this release out.

Okay, I've uploaded it -- but I am curious about one thing:
Previous releases required shared libraries for zlib, libpng, and jpeg.
However, due to the very specific requirements Ghostscript has regarding
these libraries, these libraries are instead statically linked.  As a
result, Ghostscript no longer requires the use of shared libraries.
The libraries are included in the source package, ready to be built
with Ghostscript.

What specifically is wrong with the existing shared libraries?  I do 
*not* want to see a trend start where other packages start shipping the 
source to the libraries they depend on.  Linking statically is okay -- 
e.g. linking against the libtiff.a file in tiff-3.5.7-1 package by using 
"gcc -static .... -ltiff", for instance -- but duplicating my work is a 
bit, ah, insulting.

If you can't build ghostscript against the shipped libraries, then 
either the libraries or ghostscript is broken and need to be fixed. 
What *specifically* is wrong with cygtiff.dll, cygz.dll, or cygpng2.dll?


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