Creating a local mirror for setup.exe

Earnie Boyd
Wed Feb 20 15:23:00 GMT 2002

Wrong list! CCed

"Gerald S. Williams" wrote:
> We've been creating a local Cygwin package "mirror" by
> downloading to a networked directory and installing from
> there. This seems to work, but you have to be careful to
> prevent setup.exe from getting confused.
> But now I need to change some of the packages in that
> "mirror". I need to build Python with threads enabled
> and I need to add SWIG. I've built the prerequisite
> .tar.bz2 files. In the python case I bumped the "port"
> from -1 to -2.
> Simply copying the python file into contrib/python is
> enough to make it visible to setup (although it is not
> the default). The SWIG file needs an entry in setup.ini,
> though.
> If you delete setup.ini, you can actually install SWIG
> and the other packages (they appear under Misc), but I
> suspect this probably a bad idea. I'd like to simply be
> able to update the setup.ini file. I saw some references
> to an update_setup tool. Is that what we need? Or should
> we do something entirely different?
> I suspect that there might be a much better way to set
> up a local mirror. We can even put it on an FTP server
> if that's easier to deal with.
> This sounds like it should be a simple RTFM question,
> which I'll gladly do. Can someone please point me in
> the right direction?
> Thanks,
> -Jerry
> -O Gerald S. Williams, 22Y-103GA : O-
> -O AGERE SYSTEMS, 555 UNION BLVD : office:610-712-8661  O-
> -O ALLENTOWN, PA, USA 18109-3286 : mobile:908-672-7592  O-

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