Brian Keener
Fri Feb 22 05:38:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins wrote:
> And a complete fix is in CVS now.

I just tried setup from cvs and rebuilt and I still get the null file on the 
last file I try to install from my local directory.  Actually it was a 
reinstall of zlib and it failed with the null error and then when I went back 
into setup it showed it as a new install and when I selected to install it - I 
still got the Null error.  I then went and did an install from the internet and 
zlib showed as needing to be installed and then installed just fine.

It might be something with my version since I did a full cvs update but I 
didnot get the patch for test to default to keep if already installed.  That 
appears to have been applied to the branch and so I applied it to mine 
manually.  So maybe something else got skipped as well.


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