Brian Keener
Fri Feb 22 19:15:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins wrote:
> What TAG did you build from? setup200202 works fine for me, and doesn't
> uninstall installed packages when test is selected. Like Chris I feel

Built from HEAD - which is why I guess the fix for the Test/Uninstall wasn't 
there, but once I applied the patch for the Test/Uninstall fix to my copy then 
Test/Keep as opposed to Test/Uninstall works great.

> he solution is wrong, but I can't articulate (yet) how the model is
> wrong, and so I've followed the (apparent) consensus.

I don't know why that doesn't seem right to you.  It appears to me that I will 
never have an installation that is comprised solely of all Test packages.  I 
will always be testing a few packages but the bulk of the system will be the 
current Stable versions.  That would naturally be the nature of the beast as 
working with all test versions would be to cumbersome to find where something 
was failing.  That said if I have to work with Current Stable versions while I 
am testing experimental packages why would I want the default on the installed 
packages to be Uninstall - I would want to keep those packages so I would still 
have a working system. I also do not particularly want to click on 20 packages 
to say keep these instead of uninstalling.  Makes perfect sense to me.

As to the NULL file when reinstalling - that patch was applied to HEAD and not 
just setup200202 wasn't it or was the full fix only committed to setup200202? I 
do seem to have that fix (since I get the message about the Null file - no 
silent failure) or at least part of it but it does still seem to have a problem 
with the last file that you might have selected.  At first I thought it only 
had the problem if for some reason setup determined it needed the method 
replace_one but even after it removed zlib when I said reinstall and then I 
tried to just install zlib it still failed and would not install zlib.  It just 
doesn't seem to like the last file.

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