New file for winsup/utils

Charles Wilson
Fri Feb 22 19:30:00 GMT 2002

Joshua Daniel Franklin wrote:

>>>OK, here is a new util:
>>>Usage mkshortcut.exe [OPTION]... TARGET 
>>>NOTE: All filename arguments must be in unix (POSIX) format
>>> -a|--arguments=ARGS   use arguments ARGS 
>>> -h|--help             output usage information and exit
>>> -i|--icon             icon file for link to use
>>> -j|--iconoffset       offset of icon in icon file (default is 0)
>>> -n|--name             name for link (defaults to TARGET)
>>> -v|--version          output version information and exit
>>> -A|--allusers         use 'All Users' instead of current user for -D,-P
>>> -D|--desktop          create link relative to 'Desktop' directory
>>> -P|--smprograms       create link relative to Start Menu 'Programs'
> directory
>>Now that cygutils is part of the distribution, I think this belongs there, if
>>Chuck is amenable.
>>With the exception of regtool, all of the programs in winsup/utils are pretty
>>cygwin-specific.  While this looks like a very nice tool, I think it belongs
> Looks like a discussion for cygwin-apps. The only thing I would be worried 
> about is if cygutils is NOT installed but some packages use mkshortcut as 
> part of their post-install script. Wasn't there some discussion of merging
> cygutils into the winsup CVS, or did I not catch that right?

cygutils now has its own directory, hosted by the cygwin-apps 
repository.  THAT is what the discussion was -- previously it was 
"hosted" on my laptop. :-)  It was never considered for merging into winsup.

Also, packages that use it in their postinstall script just need to 
include cygutils as a dependency.

> Chuck, do you want to grab the file from cygwin-patches and put it in cygutils?

Sure, that sounds like a good addition.

> I'll need to write different documentation than utils.sgml also.

Is there some automated tool that could convert your .sgml to .texinfo? 
That'd be good...'cause then the installation could create .info and we 
could use texi2roff to generate the man page(*)

(*) this would not be part of an "ordinary" build process; as the 
maintainer, we'd use texi2roff to generate a man page, and ship that 
manpage.1 file as part of the sources.  texi2roff is here:

I'm not sure how good a job it does; and the generated manfile would 
probably need some editing.  Does anybody speak roff?


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