Setup.exe subdirectories

Robert Collins
Fri Feb 22 23:08:00 GMT 2002

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> From: Michael A Chase []
> I just tried downloading the new grep package in one 
> setup.exe run and then
> installing it in another.  Until I deleted the old setup.ini 
> in the base
> directory, I got message IDS_OLD_SETUPINI when I tried to 
> install from the
> local directory.
> It looks like the setup.ini routines in and iniparse.y are
> overwriting setup_timestamp and setup_version with the last 
> setup.ini file
> read.  If that happens to be the newest, everyone is happy.  
> If it isn't
> things could be confused.
> Would it be worthwhile for me to try to make sure only the 
> newest setup.ini
> gets used?

No. They are all meant to be used. What could happen is that the warning specifies which sites are out of date, and allows the user to turn the warning off in future. Otherwise, I think we will want to eliminate the warning, as with multiple sites and merged ini's it's kinda obsolete.


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