Setup.exe subdirectories

Robert Collins
Sat Feb 23 19:54:00 GMT 2002

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From: "Michael A Chase" <>
> > No.  They are all meant to be used.  What could happen is that the
> > specifies which sites are out of date, and allows the user to turn
> warning
> > off in future.  Otherwise, I think we will want to eliminate the
> as
> > > with multiple sites and merged ini's it's kinda obsolete.
> Right now all the warning says is that setup.ini is out of date, not
> Because there is only one setup_version recorded, it only applies to
> last setup.ini parsed.  Perhaps the warning should be moved to just
> the call to yyparse() in do_remote_ini() and find_routine().  The site
> or directory could also be added to the parse error message box.

The warning must wait until all the setup.ini's are downloaded
(otherwise if the user goes for a coffee, the downloads will have to
resume. Just add the warning details to a list, and then display the
list at the end, IMO.


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