Robert Collins
Sun Feb 24 02:43:00 GMT 2002

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From: "Charles Wilson" <>

> > For the package, yes. For the location, I think contrib. IMO
*everything* thats not absolutely essential is contributed :}.
> I disagree.  IMO, the distinction between contrib and latest is
> precisely zero.  Is 'opengl' (latest) more essential than 'perl'
> (contrib)?  Is 'ctags' (latest) more essential than 'gettext'
>    cpio? mt? bc? clear? (all latest) -- these are hardly essential for
> most users.

Ah yeah, I was getting at the idea that we just push everything new into
one place I guess.

> Well, yeah, me too -- but setup got confused, according to some users,
> the last time we tried moving packages around (ncurses).  Lets verify
> that the soon-to-be-released setup can handle moving ONE package
> (gettext?) before advocating a wholesale rearrangement.  (AND give
> everybody out there some time to switch from the old 'stable' setup to
> the new 2.194.2.x one).

What, change control? Ha!. Seriously though, setup will handle it fine,
as package comparison is directory tree context free. upset might be a
little though.


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