Robert Collins
Sun Feb 24 03:03:00 GMT 2002

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From: "Brian Keener" <>

> I catch the drift on the patches and the same with the other two we
discussed.  > At one point in time when I was still submitting changes
to setup, when I still > understood the code before the major rewrite

It should be a lot easier to understand now, and it's starting to really
come together now.

> Another nice touch and clarification in chooser might be to expand the
text on
> the version number in the display for those packages where I might
have 5
> versions available for install.  As I am clicking through the versions
on a
> given package when I get to a version that is the Prev, Curr or Test
if the
> text shows this - ie 1.4.5 (Curr) or 1.4.3 (Prev) or 1.4.4.  In this
case 1.4.4 > is just an available intermediate.

Nice idea, patches accepted :} (Hint: start with the PackagePickLine
class). I've added to the TODO list.


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