Robert Collins
Sun Feb 24 03:05:00 GMT 2002

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From: "Christopher Faylor" <>

> >Otherwise we need a *new* mechanism to tell setup.exe when a package
> >replaced from current to test - that is that no test version exists,
> >that when moving to test, the current version should be removed.
> Ok.  We need a new mechanism.  We also need a mechanism that says
> "remove this package" and I don't think that the mechanism is to just
> move the package to "prev".  Maybe the mechanism is as simple as just
> having a setup.hint like:
>   setup.hint:
>   curr uninstall "This package is now obsolete"
> (wouldn't it be cool to have a "bubble" appear with the above words
> you moved the mouse cursor over the package name?)
> Actually, in this case, where the package maintainer means to
> uninstall something, I think it is acceptable for setup.exe to do so.

Versioned conflicts will do this, which is a wishlist feature. Someone
offered to do them, but I don't think a patch has arrived yet.

> I don't think that setup.exe should automatically switch to Uninstall
> in any circumstances unless the package maintainer has specifically
> indicated that is the correct behavior.  Somehow.

I agree. My point has been (from the beginning) about *where* that
intent gets indicated.


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