setup-20020225.exe still clips text with "large fonts" set

Michael Schaap
Mon Feb 25 05:31:00 GMT 2002


Just wanted to mention that there's still a small bug in setup-20020225.exe.

When a system is set to use "large fonts" (Display 
properties/Settings/Advanced/General), the top pixel or two of the packages 
are clipped off.  The categories are displayed correctly.
When the system is set for "small fonts", it looks OK.

This is on Windows 2000.  A screen dump can be seen at .  The current production setup.exe does not 
have this problem.

I did have a quick look at the source, but unfortunately, my low-level 
Windows GUI programming skills are insufficient to find the source of the 
problem.  ;-(

Best regards,

  - Michael

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