setup.exe rebase patch

Robert Collins
Wed Feb 27 05:17:00 GMT 2002

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> From: Charles Wilson [] 
> Note: libtool-devel does not use auto-image-base.  I don't THINK 
> libtool-stable does, either.  And all of "my" DLLs have been rebuilt 
> over the last several months without auto-image-base.  Just FYI.

I know :}. I was quite active in the discussion that led to that status quo. IFF cygwin1.dll becomes non-relocatable || all cygwin1 linked dlls and modules get rebased correctly, then auto-image-base is allowed again (although with rebasing, it's kinda pointless :}).
> Also, there was some code passed back and forth a while ago 
> (Rob, yours 
> maybe?) that purported to add a "non-relocatable" option to 
> binutils.  

Not mine, I was looking for such though.


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