binutils request

Charles Wilson
Thu Jun 6 08:09:00 GMT 2002

Christopher Faylor wrote:

> Could everyone who has submitted a bug fix since the last release
> provide a short paragraph describing what the bug fix related to?
> I think it just boils down to fixes from Danny, Ralf, and Chuck,
> AFAICT from the ChangeLog.
> Please send the info to cygwin-apps.
> I'll take a stab at descrbing the changes if I don't hear from you
> in the next 48 hours or so, but I'd prefer to get the right words
> from the people who did the fixing.
> cgf

Default handling of --enable-auto-import has changed slightly.  In the 
earlier cygwin release of binutils, --enable-auto-import was the 
default, and ld would issue warnings whenever variables from DLLs were 
auto-imported.  Also, in the past if you explicitly specified 
"--enable-auto-import", the behavior was the same: auto-import was 
activated, and warnings were generated.

In this new release, auto-import is still enabled by default.  Whenever 
variables from DLLs are auto-imported, ld issues an info_msg (not a 
warning).  However, if you explicitly specify "--enable-auto-import", 
then those info_msgs are suppressed.


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