package offering: gnupg

Charles Wilson
Sun Jun 9 18:59:00 GMT 2002 wrote:

> Hi!
>>>I'd prefer the re-autotool stuff to be part of the user build process.
>>>I was going to propose this for ImageMagick, as it reduces the patches
>>>from approx 1 Mb down to 2 lines.  Much easier to understand.
> This was my intention as I put the auto* part in the, but
> my question is, if I do it this way, do I have to put autoconf and automake
> in the setup.hint requires line?
> I mean, do all the packages required to build from source have to be put
> in setup.hint? Right now this is not the case in the gnupg package.

Nope.  We don't (yet) have a "build-requires" facility in 
hints/setup.exe.  The only stuff that goes in the requires: line are 
those things that the *end user* would need -- not a developer who 
wishes to rebuild your package from source.


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