New setup.exe snapshot

Pavel Tsekov
Mon Jun 10 05:51:00 GMT 2002


>> Does anyone experience the same behaviours on their XPs ?

RC> I'm on XPPro, it works fine for me here. You'll need to step into the
RC> sizing logic to see where the wrong metrics are returned, and then I may
RC> be ablet o help. Also a screen dump would be useful.

Two screenshots are attached - one of the chooser page and one of the
local package dir page. It's easy to see that the right hand of the
control is extended over the page border.

The chooser control size is calculated based on the size of a predefined static
control in the dialog template for the chooser page. If something
(Windows) makes the wizard to extend the size of the dialog controls
this also applies to the chooser because of the way its size is
calculated - the bad thing is that the chooser is a showstopper :(

I'm using XP Home (Italian) on a ASUS L8400 Series Notebook with ATI
Mobility Radeon with 16Mb ram, screen resolution is 1024x768, 32bit color,
Windows classic desktop, small fonts.

Hope this will help.

P.S. Btw I have installed in the past a cyrilic driver software
(FlexType) but it's currently removed. I think it does some changes to
the system fonts etc but it says that it restores the original
settings when uninstalled.
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