New setup.exe snapshot

Pavel Tsekov
Mon Jun 10 06:22:00 GMT 2002

Well, I don't know... It definitely has something to do with that
software messing with windows settings though. Windows has support for
Bulgarian by default but this software adds some nifty features besides
whats is offered by Windows. Hopefully if people are working with
windows facilities for multilanguage support they won't experince
problems like this.

RC> Hmm, well it's definitely a bug, but how to fix? The workaround will
RC> (setting non-UNICODE programs to English) will have to do for now.


>> Btw the problem is gone now. It appeares it has something to do with
>> that cyrilic software. I've just set "International settings" ->
>> "Advanced" -> "Language for non-UNICODE programs" to English 
>> (United States)
>> and everything is OK now - it was set to "Bulgarian" which I guess is
>> what messed setup.

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