2. ITP: expat-1.95.3 for Cygwin

Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Tue Jun 11 05:45:00 GMT 2002

Charles schrieb:

>> Expat is needed for the Perl module XML::Parser which is
>> used widely.  Since it is not trivial to build it from
>> source with the latest release I provide a prebuilt package
>> for the Cgwin Perl community.

> 1) the docu should go into /usr/doc/expat-1.95.3/ not /usr/doc/expat/

Ok. Fixed.

> 2) you should *not* use autoupdate in your reconf-cygwin script. 
> Autoupdate changes *source* files for the autotools; it is intended to 
> help you -- the maintainer -- create source file mods needed so that we 
> -- other users who want to build-from-soruce -- can rebuild using 
> "normal" auto* tools (autoconf, aclocal, autoheader, automake, libtoolize)

> e.g. take a snapshot after running autoupdate but before running the 
> other tools -- that should be the patch.

Ok, I run autoupdate and generate the patch after that. Done.

> 2a) also, you should call reconf-cygwin as part of the "prep" stage, not
> the "conf" stage -- IMO.

Ok., changed.

> 3) you probably shouldn't use the --automake option with libtoolize, 
> since you aren't using automake.

It is from the original autogen.sh which is included in the expat CVS tree.
They use it 'to make it shut up about "things to do"'.  I have'nt tested
to run libtoolize without this option.  It works like they do it and
I'll let it in for now.

> 4) How often is the library version going to (incompatibly) change?
> I note that the package version is 1.95, but the shared lib version info 
>   is LIBCURRENT=2, LIBREVISION=0, LIBAGE=2 -- which means we're on the 
> 3rd compatible release of the initial API revision.  (thus, cygexpat-0.dll).

> I ask because IF you expect an incompatible change, you might want to 
> split the DLL out separately into a 'libexpat0' package.  OTOH, that's a 
> PITA and if the API is very stable, it's probably unnecesssary.

Hmmm, I'll fight with this issue if they ever release an incompatible
version.  Probably they will name it expat2 then...

> -------
> All that being said, I think 'expat' is a useful addition.

XML::Parser builds ok. with this version and all its tests passes.

Ok. All fixed now, again the tarballs are ready for use/review/upload:


> BTW: cygwin is mis-spelled, although the links above work properly WITH 
> the mis-spelling.

:-)  I know.


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