Setup Cache dir maintenance.

Max Bowsher
Tue Jun 11 06:53:00 GMT 2002

Sounds interesting... can you explain more about (0) below - won't it just
rebuild a setup.ini that is totally equivalent to the one it originally got from
that mirror? (since the in-memory package db was populated from the downloaded
file, and then you reverse the process, and write it out)

Re (1), I think it would be nice to write these supplementary entries to
separate setup.ini file.

Also, given that setup would then be heavily postprocessing its package
directory, should downloaded and md5-verified tarballs be moved to a single
tree - I don't see any advantage in breaking it up by mirror.


Robert Collins <> wrote:
> I've finally got my thoughts on this one straight... How does this
> sound:
> 0) We change the setup.ini writing to the cached dirs to be a dump from
> the package database of entries for that mirror.
> 1) After each setup.ini download, before committing to disk, setup
> reviews the on-disk setup.ini for each mirror site, and - dynamically -
> adds a setup.ini version: entry for each old version where that version
> is
> A) currently cached.
> B) Not in the downloaded setup.ini.
> 2) Setup (or a console tool with the common code now available) has a
> purge mode with a few knobs.
> A) keep last n revisions of all packages
> B) keep only "current" or only "prev" or only "test". (combinable - i.e.
> keep all current/test revisions).
> This has several impacts over and beyond purging of files.
> 1) It automagically adds all cached files to the setup.ini, easing file
> version guessing requirements for local installs.
> 2) It automagically keeps cached files available in the chooser until
> purged.
> Thoughts? IMO it's a fairly clean design - there's no guesswork as to
> versions (current cache wastage aside, that can be addressed with
> Michael's tool), it's easy to implement (just emit the appropriate
> fields while outputting the setup.ini. Getting the available files is
> already implemented and just needs to be called before writing
> setup.ini.).
> Rob

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