libstdc++ for building setup.exe

Paul G.
Wed Jun 12 17:15:00 GMT 2002

Hi folks,

	Umm..feeling kind of gun shy today...

On 13 Jun 2002 at 1:24, Jan Nieuwenhuizen wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't been able to build the new setup (since it moved in cvs),
> but that may be due to the fact that the mingw package was dropped.
> At
> it says:
>     To successfully build such a setup you will need a mingw
>     libstdc++.a file for the cross-compiler to link against.  One can
>     be found in the mingw gcc binary
> Is libstdc++.a the only mingw library that's needed, and do you have
> an url for it?  Previously, untarring the mingw and mingw-runtime
> packages was sufficient.
> Last thing I tried was the rather old, but apparently latest mingw gcc
> package to contain a libstdc++:

	The very latest version/release of libstdc++ is available from the mingw project files page as part of the 
binary archive distribution gcc-2.95.3-20010828.tar.gz:

		Mingw Files

			The latest stable version (binaries) is at gcc-2.95.3-20010828.tar.gz

			The source code is there as well.

	gcc-2.95.2 for Mingw has been deprecated.  Mumits' site is mostly maintained for legacy purposes anymore 
and no longer is being used by the Mingw development community  (see the Mingw Home Page) except as a legacy 
resource.  If Mumit is watching, I am sure he will clarify if he needs to.

	Paul G
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