Cinstall timestamp perl script

Max Bowsher
Fri Jun 14 03:55:00 GMT 2002

Robert Collins <> wrote:
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>> [] On Behalf Of John Jones
>> Sent: Friday, 14 June 2002 1:29 AM
>> p.s. I have some patchs to Cinstall, is their any prefered way that
>> Cinstall people like diffs ?

Are you aware that setup.exe no longer uses the name cinstall?

> Chris is the person to address the first part. However it's not
> interpreted as a timestamp by setup (at the moment), just an
> incrementing integer.
> $ date +"%s"
> Does the right thing for me though.

The perl command was: perl -e 'print time()'

> As for diffs - please send them in as per the contributing link on the
> main cygwin home page. I'll add a section on this to
> at some point, but
> chances are that it will just refer to the main cygwin contributing
> page.
> Cheers,
> Rob

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