CMake proposal

William A. Hoffman
Fri Jun 14 16:04:00 GMT 2002

I forgot the cmake home page is


At 12:21 PM 6/14/2002 -0400, William A. Hoffman wrote:
>I would like to propose that CMake be included in the cygwin setup. CMake was developed for building VTK ( and ITK ( However, it is a general purpose tool, and other projects are now using it as well.
>category: Devel 
>requires: libncurses6 cygwin 
>sdesc: "A cross platform build manger" 
>ldesc: "CMake is a cross platform build manager. It allows you to specify build parameters for C and C++ programs in a cross platform manner. For cygwin Makefiles will be generated. CMake is also capable of generating microsoft project files, nmake, and borland makefiles. CMake can also perform system inspection operations like finding installed libraries and header files." 
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