Setup- and download incomplete and popt and libpopt0

Brian Keener
Mon Jun 17 15:37:00 GMT 2002

Is anyone else experiencing problems getting the latest version 1.6.4-4  for 
popt and libpopt0 to install.  The problem seems to lie with libpopt0 but I 
cannot tell for sure.  I base this conclusion on the fact popt is dependent on 
libpopt0 and cygwin but libpopt0 is only dependent on cygwin.  I tried to 
download (also tried install from internet) just libpopt0 and it continually 
informs me the download was incomplete and this is the only package I selected. 
 I know the package recently changed hands as far as maintainer and thought I 
saw something about a new version on Sunday and I have tried several times 
during the day if that matters.  System I am downloading to is a Win2k.


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