Setup- and download incomplete and popt and libpopt0

Robert Collins
Mon Jun 17 18:17:00 GMT 2002

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> [] On Behalf Of Brian Keener
> Sent: Tuesday, 18 June 2002 8:37 AM

> Thanks Robert,
> It would appear you are correct - here is the pertinent part 
> of the tail of 
> setup.log.full when I tried to download just libpopt.  As you 
> can see it says 
> the file does not exist on (but I thought 
> this was a main 
> mirror or is it the fact the directory is wrong for libpopt0 
> (is it really 
> under popt): just came back online, I'd say they haven't finished
syncing up yet. I suggest you select multiple mirrors - your current + another mirror site - in the mirror selection box.
Setup will not download anything already in your
directory cache, but will failover to other mirrors automatically if has trouble.


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