Apache -5 install clobbers /etc/apache files

Gerrit P. Haase freeweb@nyckelpiga.de
Tue Jun 18 10:34:00 GMT 2002

Stipe schrieb:

> Charles Wilson wrote:
>> Gerrit P. Haase wrote:
>> >>All my files in /etc/apache (besides httpd.conf~) were clobbered
>> >>when installing 1.13.24-5 over 1.13.24-1.  How can this happen???
>> >>
>> >
>> > To be exact, the -1 version removed it during uninstall.
>> > Well, shit happens....
>> No, this is a packaging *error*.  Packages (like apache) should NOT
>> install configuration files, for precisely this reason.  They should
>> install "default" files, and then cp them IFF the "real" file doesn't
>> exist.

> ok, blame on me! -- I wasn't aware of the uninstall removal, s**t!
                                                      This is not

> re-packaging to -6.

No, I think this is already fixed!  I still used -1 release and there
was the error, this release isn't available anymore, in the later releases
it may be correct, well I'm not sure about it haven't uninstalled -5 yet;)

But it happens for me when setup uninstalled the -1 release.

Now (-5) the postinstall script looks if there is already
a directory (/etc/apache) and if so if moves all to /etc/apache-new.
However, I don't know what happens if I use setup now to uninstall
the latest release.  Next time I'll do a backup before installing:-)


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