RFD: gettext, iconv, packaging...

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Wed Jun 19 06:18:00 GMT 2002

Gerrit P. Haase wrote:

> :-)  Great.  Well, I don't like the part about 'whining', but all the
> rest is great.
> Ok. I'll take the two packages if no one steps on my toes now...

Cool.  I didn't mean that you, in particular, *must* take these two 
packages "or I won't do libiconv."  It's just that your name popped into 
my head as one who was complaining, specifically, that I "refused" to 
release libiconv.

The real reason I changed my mind (on libiconv) is that I've done some 
additional reading, and realized that libiconv and gettext are tightly 
connected -- in fact, are interdependent -- so releases of those two 
packages must be coordinated.  It's best if that's done by a single 
person.  e.g. me.

> But my priority is perl 5.8 now and I don't plan to release new zip/unzip
> packages before perl 5.8 is done.

There's really no need to release new zip/unzip packages in the near 
future at all -- unless all you want to change is the maintainer line in 
the README (which seems a waste of bandwidth).  I just recently updated 
to the latest versions, added all the outstanding patches...it should be 
good for another year or so. <g>

It's not the work, it's the responsibility.


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