please update libXML

Peter Ring
Wed Jun 19 06:51:00 GMT 2002

libxslt also links against libpython and libxml2

I added to mylibs in libxslt-1.0.18/python/

  -lxml2 -L/usr/lib/python2.2/config -lpython2.2

There are still some issues, though. I didn't get the python 
bindings for libxml2 and libxslt installed without some messing

Part of the problem might be that my install prefix was /usr/local, 
so the python module got installed in

which is not by default in python's module search path. To 
append this directory to the search path, I created the file:


with this content:


Another part of the problem is that python doesn't grok that 
the module 'libxml2mod' is the file 'cygxml2mod.dll' (same goes 
for libxsltmod). The filename must correspond to the module name. 
My quick-and-dirty fix was to add a link (symlinks won't work) to 
the dlls:

  ln cygxml2mod.dll libxml2mod.dll
  ln cygxsltmod.dll libxsltmod.dll

AFAIK, nothing but python is supposed to load or link against 
these files. Either they should be created with the correct module 
name, or python must learn about .la files.

Kind regards
Peter Ring

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Sent: 18. juni 2002 17:14
To: Robert Collins
Subject: Re: please update libXML

Robert schrieb:

>> > Now if only I could also link with python ...
>> Hmm, I added -lpython2.2 to the linkline for the module and I 
>> thought it
>> worked (at least for libxml2, I'm not sure about libxslt), 
>> this is also
>> in my patch included.

> Gerrit, could you please give me a patch for the current libxml &|
> libxslt source packages to get the python modules going? I'd love to get
> that working, and would get it incorporated upstream.

With the fix of Nicholas now, the latest version (of my patch), at least
libxml links against libpython.  But there really should be a patch in for this since the configure script succeeds to lookup the
python lib and add the needed defines in the right place but does not add
libpythonx.x to the link line.  This patch now works only with the
libpython2.2 installed and it should be version independant too.  Still
I'm not sure about libxslt, does it link against libpython too?


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