Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 27 15:33:00 GMT 2002

Chris January wrote:

>>PLEASE do not differentiate between /bin and /usr/bin.  This caused no
>>end of trouble during the early days of setup.exe when setup didn't
>>*always* follow the mounts.  Granted, setup is much better about that
>>sort of thing now, but don't tempt fate.
>>There's no need for separate /bin and /usr/bin on cygwin.
>>(I don't care about the procps/ subdirectory, but I doubt others will be
>>very happy about it.  cf. netpbm packagin discussion on cygwin-apps)
> I've regenned the package without /usr/bin.

AARRGGHH!  No, the *other* way.  --prefix=/usr.  bindir=/usr/bin.

> As for the procps subdirectory in /bin I was following the precedent set by
> ncurses-test-dll.

Yeah -- a precedent set long ago before the current standards evolved. 
In other words, if I wanted to add ncurses as a new package *today* I 
would probably not be allowed the ncurses-test-dll/ subdir.  However, as 
an existing package, it has remained and so far nobody has asked me to 
remove it (there used to be an ncurses-test-static/ subdir, as well as 
two other ncurses-related subdirs whose names and purposes escape me at 
the moment).  I have no problems removing that last vestige of 
evolutionary history, however, if necessary -- the only prog in there 
that's useful to endusers is 'ncurses.exe' which helps debugging ACS 
charset display problems...


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