Uncompilable setup.exe... again

Max Bowsher maxb@ukf.net
Fri Nov 15 05:58:00 GMT 2002

Yann Crausaz <yann_crausaz@bluemail.ch> wrote:

> Hello Max,
> My work will be finished on december 19th, and I'll have to do a
> lecture
> on january 15th. Then I'll translate my hole work to english, since
> it's
> been written in french (does anybody volunteer to translate it into
> others
> languages ?). And then, if you want, I'll post a copy.

That would be nice.

> In fact, my strategy is to create a very basic Cygwin distro (setup,
> filesystem, bash, glibc-common, glibc, ldconfig, libtermcap, mktemp,

Cygwin doesn't use glibc or ldconfig. In fact, you don't need to have a
seperate C library package, because the C runtime is part of cygwin1.dll.

> as wrote '73 de Jeff' from the RPM ML in

Archive is private.

> to integrate RPM-4.1 into that distro, to create the RPM files for  the
> I'd like to install (if not available on www.rpmfind.net),

Well, there can't be any Cygwin binary packages on rpmfind.net, because they
don't exist yet. Or do you mean source packages?
Note that most packages tend to require at least a small patch for Cygwin,
so even source packages won't be directly useable without some tweaking.

> And one more time: thank you for your priceless help !!!

No problem!

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