perl-5.8.1 test release

Pavel Tsekov
Wed Aug 6 18:59:00 GMT 2003


Running the following test perl.exe caused a crash in the the Cygwin dll:


A previous one also also caused a crash but I didn't have Dr. Mingw
installed still
and couldn't get a backtrace. I think the name of the other test that
crashed was
again 'thread'. The crash occures when the CHECK_INIT macro
is called. I hope this helps. Please, let me know if you need further
information to
debug the problem.


perl.exe caused an Access Violation at location 610cce15 in module
cygwin1.dll Reading from location 00d0f634.

eax=00d0f5fc ebx=10277afc ecx=10277afc edx=00008008 esi=00000006
eip=610cce15 esp=00f0f04c ebp=00f0f054 iopl=0         nv up ei pl nz na po
cs=001b  ss=0023  ds=0023  es=0023  fs=0038  gs=0000            

Call stack:
610CCE15  cygwin1.dll:610CCE15  __swsetup  wsetup.c:36
610D066A  cygwin1.dll:610D066A  __sfvwrite  fvwrite.c:61
610BE525  cygwin1.dll:610BE525  fwrite  fwrite.c:102
100ED1E3  cygperl5_8_1.dll:100ED1E3  PerlIOStdio_write
100EBDBB  cygperl5_8_1.dll:100EBDBB  Perl_PerlIO_write
100CA0B5  cygperl5_8_1.dll:100CA0B5  Perl_do_print
10075805  cygperl5_8_1.dll:10075805  Perl_pp_print
100745D9  cygperl5_8_1.dll:100745D9  Perl_runops_standard
10005359  cygperl5_8_1.dll:10005359  Perl_call_sv
100050D2  cygperl5_8_1.dll:100050D2  Perl_call_sv
00AD1744  threads.dll:00AD1744  Perl_ithread_run
61093D3F  cygwin1.dll:61093D3F  pthread::thread_init_wrapper(void*)
77E887DD  KERNEL32.dll:77E887DD  GetModuleFileNameA

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