CMake 1.8.2-1 ready

Daniel Reed
Tue Dec 2 19:20:00 GMT 2003

On 2003-12-02T12:17-0500, William A. Hoffman wrote:
) Did that change at some point?  We have been using the
) same script for creating the cmake release on cygwin for
) over a year now and have not changed it.  I can not find the docs,
) but I have some memory of making those changes specifically
) for cygwin.
I believe the change was late in the summer (after my own package, naim, was
accepted). My recollection is that the change is to comply with the FHS.

) Anyway, 1.8.1-1 is like that as well.   So, why don't you just
) go ahead with 1.8.2-1 and when we do 1.8.3-1 we will make
) the suggested changes.
Fair enough.

The setup.hint lists 1.8.2-1 as current and 1.6.7-1 as the previous version;
did you want me to remove 1.8.1-1 instead of 1.6.7-1? Right now all three
are present, but 1.8.1-1 is unused.

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