[ITP] ddd-3.3.8

Harold L Hunt II huntharo@msu.edu
Sat Dec 6 02:38:00 GMT 2003

I would like to contribute and maintain ddd:


GNU DDD is a graphical front-end for command-line debuggers such as
GDB, DBX, WDB, Ladebug, JDB, XDB, the Perl debugger, or the Python
debugger. Besides ``usual'' front-end features such as viewing source
texts, DDD has become famous through its interactive graphical data
display, where data structures are displayed as graphs.

You can point Cygwin's setup.exe to the following address to install and 
test ddd:


***Reviewer's Caveat***: I don't think that the static libiberty.a is 
supposed to be installed, so I removed the /usr/lib directory in the 
install step of the build script.

------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------


mkdir ddd
cd ddd

wget \

wget \

wget \

------------------------ cut here --------------------------------------

MD5 sums:

de2d743b95817745c4227427afec759b *ddd/ddd-3.3.8-1-src.tar.bz2
86cc2b9dff9a4f794dfc6bbe49bf2bbc *ddd/ddd-3.3.8-1.tar.bz2
2c6bec0f95a7c76ee6581133eeab1db6 *ddd/setup.hint


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