Generating setup.ini files [Was: Re: [ITP] ddd-3.3.8]

Harold L Hunt II
Mon Dec 8 22:08:00 GMT 2003


Mark Blackburn wrote:
> Harold,
> How do you generate setup.ini? Is there a script somewhere or do you 
> generate it by hand?

I use the 'upset' script that is contained in Cygwin's CVS tree.  All of 
the developers use this and it is the same script that creates the 
setup.ini file for the Cygwin distribution.

I think that there is anonymous access to the tree that contains 
'upset', but that question could be answered better by a search through 
the mailing list archives, google, or by asking your question under a 
new subject (but only if you are interested in actually creating 
setup.ini files... most people are too busy to satisfy idle curiosity).

Hope that helps,


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