ITP emacro 2.8.5

Bruce Ingalls
Fri Dec 12 17:35:00 GMT 2003

Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

> ...
>How about you let the users keep their existing .emacs, and simply prepend
>a block of text to it in the postinstall script, something like
>	;; Check whether EMacro is installed, and if so, source it
>	(cond ((file-exists-p "/etc/EMacro.el")
>	       (add-to-list 'load-path "/etc")
>	       (require 'EMacro)))
>if it's not already there.  And then simply upgrade "/etc/EMacro.el" (or,
>better yet, make that "/usr/share/emacro/EMacro.el", and change "/etc" to
Hmm. I had been thinking of turning EMacro into a site-init.el file. 
Perhaps it is time.
Some downsides:
There can be code in users' .emacsen, that will break or duplicate what 
is in EMacro.
I had been avoiding this in the past, as such an install would require 
root access, but this is a moot point for packages. I also wanted to 
assure that EMacro became stable, and that it is.
Note that the ~/preferences and ~/packages must be created for each 
user. This should be an easy code change for EMacro.

>	Igor
>P.S. FWIW, "cream" sounds like a cool package.  Are you going to ITP it?
Is there such a thing as a system .vimrc? /etc/vimrc, perhaps?
First, I must get past packaging EMacro. The author of cream is quite 
responsive. Try him, first.

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