Abe Backus abraham@backus.com
Tue Dec 16 05:04:00 GMT 2003

Yeah, that sounds really cool.

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> I would like to contribute and maintain the ISC DHCP package:
>     Base  : <http://www.isc.org/products/DHCP/>
>     Patch : <http://www.angelfire.com/linux/skip/dhcp/>
>     Patch : <http://pxe-toolkit.sourceforge.net/web-site.html>
> [snip]
> The package provides all tools and utilities, though it notes that 
> everything save the dhcp server is untested.  I'll be taking some 
> additional looks at the server and the other utilities next week.

Unfortunately, I don't have time for a review right now, but this has my

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