[ITP] openldap-devel: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol clients and libraries

Eduardo Chappa chappa@math.washington.edu
Thu Dec 18 05:18:00 GMT 2003

On Wed, 17 Dec 2003, Eduardo Chappa wrote:

:) *** Dr. Volker Zell (dr.volker.zell@oracle.com.nspm) wrote in the c-apps...:
:) :) I would like to contribute and maintain the static LDAP libraries and
:) :) clients from the openldap package:
:) They are also needed for Pine. I will review your package tonight and
:) try to build Pine with your package. Hopefully things will go smoothly,
:) if not, I'll let you know what I find. In the mean time here's my 1/2
:) vote. My other half possibly tonight :).

And of course you get the 1/2 missing point. Pine built and worked cleanly
with this package.

However, notice that in order to have Pine built with your package I
needed to make changes to the build script of Pine. Although, this is not
really of your concern, I would appreciate if you keep me up-to-date with
any modifications that you make so that I can update/modify mine.

Thanks, good work!


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