[Review - not yet] Re: [ITP] tree

Charles Wilson cygwin@cwilson.fastmail.fm
Fri Dec 19 05:40:00 GMT 2003

Stipe Tolj wrote:

> I did reverse patching for thre previous packages apache, php, etc
> too. Non was objected until know. AFAIK, either you have the orginal
> source tree and your patch provides the cygwin specific changes or
> oposite. Actually this may you apply the patch to produce the orginal
> source tree.

Probably nobody complained because nobody dared look at the monstrous 
pile-o-code that those two large packages entail.  I know I didn't.

>>3) Any particular reason you have the make and install logs in
>>   CYGWIN-PATCHES?  Also, the make log contains a warning that looks
>>   suspicious, and the install log shows that "make install" will install
>>   files directly into /usr/bin, rather than to a subdirectory.  Also,
>>   "make install" will not put the Cygwin-specific README in the right
>>   directory.
> historical. AFAIK some people have been doing this for "documentation
> purpose" while building packages. The log files may be helpful in
> identifing possible problems that someone may observe on his local
> installation.

Meh.  IMO this is a developer prerogative.  Do as you like.

> Is it really required to patch Makefiles in order to "install" the
> cygwin specific README to the ..doc/Cygwin place?! I consider this an
> unneading hacking in sources. 

Not at all.  The method 2 package script does this manually.  (e.g part 
of "./script install" -- which calls 'make install' and then does the 
"extra stuff".

> IMO, sources should be changed as minimally as required.


> -s linker flag put in place again (was a simple typo). So we get
> stripping again. I don't see any needs for port notes to be honest.

Agree (with Stipe).  There's no need to repeat, in every package for 
cygwin, "yep, used --prefix=/usr on THIS package, too!"

>>8) There is a bug that the file size is declared as u_long, and will be
>>   truncated for large files.  Why not simply change it to off_t?
> any scenario you can give that reproduces this?!

Sure: files larger than 2GiB.  off_t == off64_t == long long with 
cygwin-1.5.x, while "u_long" is just 32 bits IIRC.


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