Sun Dec 21 16:59:00 GMT 2003

As the lead developer of ImageMagick I would like to clear up a few
misconceptions being stated on this list.

  1. Harold L Hunt II says: This package [GraphicsMagick] will replace
     ImageMagick for various reasons. One of those reasons is that the
     GM folks are committed to provide ABI stability and proper version
     numbers, whereas IM is not making such a commitment and has already
     made various arbitrary changes to ABI version numbers.

     This is something Bob Friensenhahn is trying to convince people of
     but it is simply not true. states
     our project goal of: ImageMagick's focus is on performance,
		 minimizing bugs, and providing stable APIs and ABIs.  Bob Friensenhahn
     does not speak for ImageMagick.  He tends to diminish ImageMagick in
     various mailing lists I assume in order to promote his ImageMagick
     clone project, GraphicsMagick.

  2. Daniel Reed says: GaphicsMagick is a feature-for-feature
     replacement of ImageMagick.  This is simply not true.  GraphicsMagick
     is missing many features that ImageMagick has and if you run
     a program or script against the two you will in many cases get
     different results.

  3. Daniel Reed says: I considered ImageMagick's to be votes for
     GraphicsMagick.  Why vote at all if you are going to usurp the votes?
     A vote for ImageMagick should remain with ImageMagick.  If you want
     votes for GraphicsMagick have a separate vote.

If you choose to support GraphicsMagick instead of ImageMagick, fine.  However,
base your decision on facts, not misconceptions.

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