vim / cream

Bruce Ingalls
Sat Dec 27 14:12:00 GMT 2003

Some members of this list expressed interest in packaging
for Cygwin. Here is why I doubt this will happen soon:

I chatted with Steve Hall, the author, and unfortunately, Cream is only 
effective, when run as a gui with menus.
Cream is partially useful for console mode, but not much is planned to 
pursue that direction.

Note that porting Cream to be used with Cygnome's gvim makes sense. This 
brings back the issues I faced in packaging EMacro: how to centralize 
the startup, or deal with distributing .vimrc-s to each HOME directory.
Some versions of Vim do support /etc/vimrc for startup. This may not 
work so well with Cream, which was written to work in HOME directories, 

Happy Holidays!

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