GNU CLISP 2.32 released

Sam Steingold
Wed Dec 31 17:17:00 GMT 2003

please upload CLISP 2.32 from
<> --- binary package
<>            --- source package
CLISP builds OOTB on Cygwin, please see README.

GNU CLISP is an ANSI Common Lisp implementation.
Release 2.32 (2003-12-29) fixes many bugs 
and adds some new features; NEWS appended.
More information on <>.
Download CLISP 2.32 from <>.

2.32 (2003-12-29)

User visible changes

* WRITE-BYTE-SEQUENCE now accepts :NO-HANG keyword argument.
  Thanks to Don Cohen <>.

* Support files larger than 2 GB or 4 GB on platforms with LFS
  (Large File Support).

* New module berkeley-db interfaces to
  and allows working the Berkeley DB databases.
  See <> for details.

* New module pcre interfaces to <> and
  makes Perl Compatible Regular Expressions available in CLISP.
  See <> for details.

* Module syscalls now exports function POSIX:STAT-VFS.
  See <> for details.

* When the system C library provides a wildcard (fnmatch) implementation,
  it is used instead of the GNU wildcard distributed with CLISP
  when the CLISP wildcard module is built.

* Prompt is now fully customizable by the user.
  CUSTOM:*PROMPT* is replaced with 5 variables.
  See <> for details.

* Readline is now used properly on Cygwin/X11.

* Command line interface: the initial verbosity level is controlled
  by the pair of mutually canceling options -q/-v.
  See <> for details.

Sam Steingold ( running w2k
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