Integrating Ralf's rebase into setup.exe

Ralf Habacker
Thu Jan 2 09:27:00 GMT 2003

> Still missing a lot of the errors that were fixed in my patch.  Here's 
> the remainder:
> 1) 'hex' and 'endl' are also in the std:: namespace
> 2) needs 'using namespace std;'
> 3) (new) rebind_main will rebind the first commandline argument over and 
> over; it needs to use argv[i] not argv[1]
> 4) and seem not have gotten any of the std:: 
> fixes.
> errmmm...why not inspect the patch below for correctness, and then apply 
> & commit, rather than implementing all of the fixes by hand, which 
> invariably will skip/miss some?
Chuck, thanks for this patch. I have applied it. 


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