Integrating Ralf's rebase into setup.exe

Ralf Habacker
Thu Jan 2 09:50:00 GMT 2003

> > If I remember right, this lib will be used for a cygwin based
> rebase and later
> > in the cygwin's setup application which is mingw based. So this lib must be
> > buildable for cygwin and mingw, isn't it ?
> Yes. And the library should use the appropriate naming convention for
> the target platform.
> I *don't* think it should be named libimagehlp.a,
> because it's *not* a 100% replacement for libimagehlp.

You have already stated

 - libcygimagehlp  (for cygwin applications like rebase)

Do you mean

 - libmingwimagehlp

for setup.exe ?

What about the header ?  It could be the same in both variants. Symbolic linking

mingwimagehlp.h  -> cygimagehlp.h

I think that's bad. The bfd library is named libbfd.xx on every platform, so
this library should be named in another way.

What about imagehelper.a and imagehelper.h and using autoconf stuff ?


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