Setup Prop: Change percent to underscore

Robert Collins
Sun Jan 5 20:42:00 GMT 2003

Answering for the archives, so future enquirers don't get a distorted

On Mon, 2003-01-06 at 05:27, M. Evans wrote:
> Max,
> There are more flavors of wrongness than legal/factual. These include
> moral, ethical, and software-horse-sense.

This is a straw man. Neither Max nor I restricted the discussion legally
or factually wrong. You still have not shown any derivation by which Max
and I's statements or position are 'wrong'.

> Politeness is a human quality one must learn from elders, and I can't
> help you there.

Given that politeness is learnt, I don't see any reason for one to learn
it only from ones elders. Can you articuluate better why you are unable
to describe the facets of our behaviour that have been rude?

> Since the responses here have been unhelpful I will just unsubscribe.
> You are very defensive about Cygwin.  The suggestion was reasonable.

Firstly, we haven't been talking about Cygwin at all. Setup.exe is not
Cygwin. It's a project who's reason for existence is to help Cygwin.
Secondly, the suggestion was not reasonable. It may *sound* reasonable
to you, but that does not make it reasonable. Changing that format
whilly nilly will cause thousands of people to have to reorganise their
download directories. We're not going to do that if their is no good

> There is another way to solve the whole problem. Cygwin could put the
> tarballs where I tell it, not in some deeply nested %-laden path that
> changes with every download. The problem which inspired this note is
> my use of file managers to maintain an up-to-date Cygwin install
> directory. If Cygwin put things where I asked, instead of its own
> %-limbo, I wouldn't have to move these fresh downloads by hand back up
> into the release folder and manually delete outdated tarballs.

Alternatively, you could just select *all* the mirrors you want to use
in setup, and setup will prevent duplicates and manage the downloads
properly. Or you can patch setup locally and run a patched version.

> Please spare me further responses and just take the comments into
> consideration. I'm off the list and have filtered you folks from my
> inbox for a time.

I've considered your comments. To date I've found them arbitrary,
unjustified, and badly lacking in critical thought. You might want to
take that into consideration, to give yourself a greater chance of
pleasant interactions on other mailing lists.


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