Setup of default configuration files

Max Bowsher
Tue Jan 7 14:13:00 GMT 2003

>> Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> That
>>> is basically asking 27 package maintainers to change the way they do
>>> things rather than just changing setup.exe.

No - the boilerplate Cygwin packaging script is quite popular.

Admittedly, I'd forgotten that mknetrel would need similar automagic.

> Robert Collins wrote:
>> Did I miss something? I didn't think setup.exe needed to change in
>> either case?

Not for the method I proposed - but Chris mentioned...

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> If you want something to automatically detect certain files in a
> package and cause an action to be kicked off on installation,
> setup.exe (and probably upset) need to change.  We don't have that
> capability now.

... which would be rather convenient. Maybe something to discuss as a future

I think that for maximum immediate gain, it is worth considering this:
Patch generic-build-script and mknetrel to detect certain files
(/usr/info/*.info and /etc/defaults/*) in a package, and add a postinstall
script if found. Note that then any package containing info or defaults
files will contain /etc/postinstall/ or This
has the rather convenient effect that if multiple packages with these are
installed at once, the scripts will overwrite each other, with the action
only being performed once.


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