setup.exe requests & bleadperl status (was: Re: Repost, different list...File::Spec, cygwin, Syntactic vs. Semantic path analysis)

Gerrit P. Haase
Thu Jan 9 12:30:00 GMT 2003

Hello H.Merijn,

H.M> Great. I'll continue off-list to get our goals in sync :)

Hmm, why not continue in public (cygwin/perl5-porters lists)?

(Blead-)Perl issues:

>>> What's the stance of cygwin in threading?

CGF>> We're for it!  We have pretty extensive pthreads support.

> FWIW I'm unable to build a threaded perl for at least since 1.3.14

And it was not possible before 1.3.14.


Merijn, the discussion about setup.exe goes to cygwin-apps at
(only open for subscribers), I CC'ed there with your requests and the new

> 2. I'd like to see some more options in the setup process:

>    - Never downgrade. At the moment, every time I run setup, it suggests to
>      replace perl-5.8.0 with 5.6.1, something I will never do, and I have to
>      check that time after time. [ This should include not downgrading exp.
>      marked packages ]
>    - Mark packages to never install. I for example realy hate 'info', so I do
>      not want to install the "Doc" package.
>    - Select the default view, not disabling the other two, but I always start
>      with the last.
>    - A forth view to show me the packages that are available, but not
>      installed, so I can see what's new.
>    - An option to see exp. as curr. so I don't have to run setup twice :)
>    - remember that I do *not* want a desktop icon or a menu entry. I've
>      assigned shortcut keys to cygwin, and I don't want to clutter the desktop

More (Blead-)Perl issues:

[smoke results snipped]

I don't see bleadperl failing completely, there is one 'new' failure I
didn't see before:

Failed Test                       Stat Wstat Total Fail  Failed  List of Failed
../lib/IPC/Open3.t                              22    1   4.55%  22

Was this smoke run done with the latest cygwin-snapshot?
And if so, was it the same or was it worse before the snapshot?


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