Proposing TCM as a cygwin package

Daniel Bößwetter
Fri Jan 10 18:20:00 GMT 2003

You can download a binary tar-ball from

This is not (yet) a Cygwin-package and still the old version, but it 
should be OK for testing. If you want a package conforming to the cygwin 
conventions, I'll need a few more days.

Best Regards,

Christopher Faylor wrote:

>Ok, that's enough then.  Do you have the files packaged for evaluation
>somewhere, Daniel?

Daniel Boesswetter,
peppermind - Network Neue Medien,
Hirschgartenallee 25, D-80639 Muenchen			
Tel. +49 89 17860 352, Fax. +49 89 178 1235

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