HEADS UP maintainers: New openssl version 0.9.7

Corinna Vinschen vinschen@redhat.com
Fri Jan 10 21:40:00 GMT 2003

Heads up maintainers of curl, exim, fetchmail, links, lynx (huh,
that's me!), mod_php4, mod_ssl, mutt, pine, python and wget.

I've just released the new openssl-0.9.7 package which overrides

0.9.6h will still be available but only the runtime libs (aka DLLs)
for compatibility reasons, packaged as "openssl096".  Visible effect:
You'll see four crypto and ssl DLLs in /bin now:


which are still the 0.9.6h versions and


which are the new 0.9.7 versions (as the name suggests).

Libs and headers for development are only available for 0.9.7 from
now on.

I'd like to encourage all maintainers of packages linked against 
openssl at least to test ASAP how your package behaves when only
0.9.7 is available for building.  And perhaps you could also
release a new version of your package linked against 0.9.7.  There's
a good incentive to do that:  Since some important functions are
now available in x86 assembler rather than in C, 0.9.7 should feel
faster than older versions.

One caveat:  0.9.7 doesn't contain a crypt() function anymore.  If
your package needs that function, either link additionally against
libcrypt.a (from the crypt package) or change calls to crypt() to
calls to DES_crypt().

I did release a new openssh linked against openssl 0.9.7 and now
also linked against libcrypt.a to be a good example ;-)


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